Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lego KidsFest!

This past weekend I was the most well hugged mom in the world!   My son randomly came up to me and gave me a HUGE hug because he was so happy he was able to attend the LegoKidsFest in Denver.  I know he had a great time because I could see it all over his face.  He and many, many other children had an awesome time.   

One of the reasons I LOVE, LOVE Legos is because it is such a great way for your children to play constructively.  They are not veg’d out in front of the big black brain sucking box as my mom likes to call it.  They are not glued to the laptop or the cell phone or even playing hours and hours worth of video games no, Legos is creative hands-on, and brains on kind of fun that kids of all ages enjoy. 
When you first walk into the Lego KidsFest you are inspired and in awe of the wonderful creations in this little museum area.  My son was dying to see the life sized version of Lighting McQueen from the Cars Movie, but he loved Batman and the Star Wars Characters too.  I thought Chewy was HUGE!

It was fun to take your picture with your head inside the mouth of a Shark made completely out of Legos!  It is AMAZING what you can build brick by brick!  We met two of the Master Builders and they gave a nice little tutorial at the Lego Master Builder Academy for the kids so they can take away some duper Lego Knowledge from it too.  It made my son’s creations with his bricks at home even better!  Plus I never knew there was a handy-dandy little tool that you can use to pry those itty-bity bricks apart!

What I loved the most that this was as hands on as you could get.  The folks at Lego really thought this through and there were little areas and things to do for every age level, boy or girl.  I should say Male or Female instead of boy or girl really because we are all busy building and creating at each Challenge Zone or area in the fest.  At one table I was busy building my ninja searching for just the right weapons and gear to put on my master ninja and there was another mom happily building her ninja right beside me while our children were perfectly engrossed in their work and we looked at each other and smiled.  She said this is so totally addictive, I am having SO much FUN!  What a great family treat for everyone to enjoy themselves completely!  

My son was having so much fun at each area but for some reason he never went near the completely Monochrome Pink area, huh?   He built a race car and ran it down the many race ramps against a few friends he met racing.  (Nothing like a good ole racing buddy ya know!)  They compared car builds and then went back to the bucket full of Legos and the building table to redesign their car and make some quick modifications before racing again!  What fun!   

There was a fun area called the Creation Nation where you get to pick a part of the country and build it then it goes on a huge mapped out area on the floor of the entire US!   What fun and what creativity some folks have.  I have traveled all over most of the US so it was fun so be able to recognize other peoples creations and place them in the part of the country that I have seen before.

There are so many other neat things to see and do while you are there, that you really have to see it for yourself.   I could not possible convey all of the great fun that everyone can have there. So if ever you get a chance to go to a Lego KidsFest I suggest you do. You can find other KidsFest dates and times across the country, and maybe in your neck of the  Oh make sure you buy your tickets way early too because this even was SOLD OUT and the tickets went super-fast!  I think the main reason is because it is such a great family fun event that everyone will love. 

I was provided tickets at no charge to me and my family to attend and review this event but the opinions in this post are 100% mine and I was not required to provide a positive review. 


  1. My family LOVED the KidsFest (though my husband questioned why we spent money for the kids to play with Legos when they have piles of them at home).

  2. Would you go again? 80.00 seems like a lot for a family of 4 to get in.

  3. I would totally go again. Sometimes you have to spend some. That is why I save tons and tons of money in other areas so my family can have great experiences. The Lego Kidsfest was a great time, good old fashioned Family fun! I would recommend it to any family!


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