Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Water Damage - What Really Saves!

Spring Time is sometimes a flood time in many regions of the United States.  I used to live in the south and I know how fast a storm can change the course of our lives. 

Mother Nature is not the only one that can change events in a Mom’s life, Murphy he likes to throw his weight around too.  I know I have stepped with my bare feet into cold dirty puddle on the floor beside my washing machine only to discover a busted or leaky pipe behind the washer.  

Water can leave a great deal of damage behind.  Once our basement flooded too and that was a giant mess! Twice I was “lucky” enough to have water leak from upstairs through the walls, ceiling and light fixtures into our downstairs!  I don’t think there is anything dirtier than flood water leaking though the ceiling plaster onto your not so white anymore couch! 

Why is the ceiling so dirty?  My five year old must hide his dirt from the bottom of his shoes up there.  Or maybe that is where my husband hides the lint from his belly button?  Who knows how it gets so dirty but I do know that if you have a leak and water runs through your upstairs floor and drips through the contents of the walls and ceiling it is sure to leave a GIANT, HUGE, Stain of a mess!  Words cannot describe the horror when you awake to such a catastrophe in your own home.  That’s funny I just realized on both occasions when this happened I had to discover it pre-coffee!  Once in the middle of the night I had to get up and go to the bathroom, (probably from the sound of running water.)  Then once again my hubby got up first discovered it and then came and woke me so I can help him clean up.  

I am no expert on water clean-up but I know who to call when I need water extraction in the RoundRock Texas area.  They are experts on the subject, not me.  That is who you need to call to save, an expert.  It is easier to pay someone to do this kind of work, and it gets done right.  It will save your carpet, or furniture or many other items that can be completely ruined by water damage.  Plus you save your back and the labor of doing it.  Let’s face it their professional tools win over my tiny little shop vac every time. The less time water stands the less damage it will do so it is way better to call a pro.  

This is a sponsored post, by The Steam Team, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

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