Wednesday, June 6, 2012

$4 off an unlimited pass coupon AT Heritage Square Amusement park

I really like this because we all have to take our kids someplace fun for the summer and this is a great value.  For me I love that you can pack a lunch to save, free parking to save and then use this Unlimited Pass Coupon for a $4 off deal!  

 So think about making Heritage Square part of your Summer plans! 
Heritage Square Amusement park has 22 attractions and rides!
Location - Easy access from anywhere in the Denver Metro area. 18301 Colfax Avenue, Golden, Colorado
Information - Heritage Square Amusement Park offers fun for all ages!!!

    * 22 Rides & Attractions
    * FREE Entry
    * FREE Parking
    * FREE Family Picnic Area
    * Garden Grill - There is a courtyard eating area adjoining the Grill with plenty of sun and shade depending on your preference.
    * Python Pit Grill - A great place to grab a quick hot dog or frozen drink on the go
    * $12 Tuesdays Unlimited rides (excluding mini golf, go karts and boats)
    * Clean Restrooms 
    * 2 new rides - Space Shuttle and Python Coaster
    * 3 different Go Kart tracks for all speeds and sizes
    * Arcade
    * Mini Golf
    * Boats
    * Magic Shows
    * Special Events
    * Group discounts

If you don't know where Heritage Square is you can Map it   


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