Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mechanic Columbus

Have you every worried and stressed over a auto repair for a mechanic Columbus or anywhere?  It always seems like when it rains it pours for me.  When I was a very young and broke single mom I was driving a used car, an older than dirt one.    I started noticing the transmission slipping and I was really worried because I had just blown my entire auto rainy day fund on new tires.  So I had to find a place like to take it for an estimate and just to see what kind huge repair bill I was in for.  

I was so scared that I would be ripped off just because I was a woman.  I knew that I have absolutely no transmission auto repair education at all so the mechanic Columbus or another shop could just about tell me anything.  I had to make sure that I demanded to know up front about any charges that could be hidden or labor fees.  

I stomped into the transmission repair shop and demanded my terms.  I told the guy I needed to know EXACTLY how much UP FRONT an estimate would cost.  I told him the details of the clunk of my transmission as best as I could describe and verified that I needed to know EXACTLY how much it would cost him to look at it and give me an ESTIMATE only no hidden fees, no free estimates if I had the world done there.  EXACTLY!  

I happened to be speaking to the owner of the shop that day and he gave me a crooked little sideways smile and  gently placed his hand on my shoulder and sweetly said, “Calm down little lady, I am not gonna rip you off.”  He was right he took my car for a free test drive, checked under the hood and came back to tell me my wallet was safe.  My car only needed a little plastic clip that cost about $12 dollars.  

I was on the defense though and I immediately questioned “Yeah but how much is that going to cost me in labor?”   He smiled again and said he would not charge me a thing.  I tell you that I was floored.  Lessened learned.  I was over the top with my cautiousness trying to avoid getting ripping off.  It is OK to be smart shopper but at some point you have to put your trust into the guy under the hood.  Besides no one better to trust with your vehicle than an expert.

This is a sponsored post for A-1 Streamline, however, all the points and
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