Monday, September 24, 2012

Mom's Monday Mingle

I am participating in a hop over at Naptime Review. Whether from the mingle or just new here, let me welcome you!   I am happy you are here!   I am a very busy mom, but hey what mom isn't busy right!   I hope that you will take some time to enter the Boogie Back to School Giveaway (the link is at the top of the sidebar on the right.)  You have a fantastic chance to win two packs of Boogie Wipes perfect for the up coming cold and snotty nose season!

I am a working Mom right now and hope to be back to a stay at home mom again someday soon.  Or at least a working part time Mom!    My wonderful honey is a Disabled Vet and is going back to retrain a for a new career in Radiology World.  He has less than a year to go and believe me we are counting down the days!  Right now we live in Southwestern Colorado where I am originally from, but we are going to move to New England after he graduates!   We moved here from Maine so don't worry I know what I am in for!   LOL

We moved so he could finish his training instead of being on a two year wait list in New England, but we long for New England and I got really attached to his family there.   This is a BIG move for us though this time, because we want it to be our last.  That may sound weird to someone that never has moved before but we have moved ALOT!  We have lived in a bunch of different places and really after sampling all of the country and each place we found that we are drawn back to New England...loved it! 

We also are planning our big wedding after all this time of being together, we finally are going to have the wedding I have always wanted.  So the next few months are jammed packed for me!  What are your future plans?    Glad you stopped by today and if you follow let me know I will follow you back!


  1. How fun! I love wedding planning :) GOod luck with it all

    I"m your newest follower from the Monday Mingle

  2. Thanks I really love your blog! Your family is gorgeous and I love your clothes! I am happy to follow back!


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