Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fastest Way To Carve A Pumpkin for Halloween!

I have a really weak wrist and carving a pumpkin will absolutely kill my wrists.  I am a busy Mom and when I get off of work at 5 pm I have to pick up my son from his school, and most nights we have to stop for gas or groceries and it is 6 pm by the time we get home.  So then the race begins, dinner, laundry, lunches, baths and maybe 30 minutes of relaxation before we have to read stories and tuck in for bed.  Throw in a holiday and I am TOTALLY crunched for time!

How does a busy Mom have time to carve a pumpkin in less than 30 min on a school night?  POWER TOOLS!

I always let my kids design the pumpkin and then I cut, but using a carving knife or even the carving tools you can buy in a kit takes time, and also takes a toll on my wrists too!  So check out my easy to do video less than 2 min to carve out the face!  Just borrow a tool from Dad's shop!

My five year old was the camera man, so well no excuses he really did a pretty good job.  lol
*This is a repost...he is seven now and wants to use the power tools him self!  LOL

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