Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free Admission to Museums for Bank of America Accounts

Bank of America account holders get free admission the first weekend of each month to over 70 museums around the country. FREE is my kind of outing! Click here to find a museum near you and for more details. This program is called Museums on Us 2008, but is still going as far as I can tell. The site says 2009 program details coming soon. So I guess you can still get in for free just by showing your card. I would call ahead to the museum in advance.


  1. Hi Terre,

    Thanks for the crock pot recipe and for your offer to check with your husband on cabinet painting. I would love to get his expertise on it. I'd like to get the final coat on this weekend.


  2. So I asked the hubby how you could get a really smooth look on your cabinets with no brush marks and Oh my do I have a long winded expert advise from him! First of all he says if you are using Oil based paint you will need a product called penetrol. If you are using latex paint then you will need Floetrol. You can get it at any paint store. He says you will also have to have 220 grit sand paper, dusting cloth, vacuum and a tack cloth. He said to use a good brush not a roller because the roller will leave stipple marks. He said you have to do a process that might take longer than you planned if you want the end result. First you sand your cabinets with the sand paper, then dust them off and vacuum out the crevices then wipe the tack cloth and paint with very light coats of your paint mixed with Floetrol/Penetrol. If you don't use light coats with little paint then the paint will run. He said you then wait for that to dry and then do the whole process of sanding, wiping...all over again. He said you would need about 3 coats maybe more. I am sure that is not the answer you wanted but he said you will get a super smooth look like you wanted.


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