Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day Freebies

I always thought that saving the earth is funny because the earth will always be here, but whether or not it is habitable for humans is the question. So happy habitable for humans planet day! There are a few Earth Day freebies or just freebies in general that have nothing at all to do with the day of the wonderful earth.

Here are a few of my favorite freebies for today:

Some time today Gillette on Facebook will be giving away Free Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor! The first 1,000 every day (for 10 days) get a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor starting Thursday, April 22 and ending Saturday, May 1. I was just there a minute ago and nothing has begun. Last give away they had began at noon EST. CLICK HERE to see if it started!

Receive A FREE 1 Full Year Subscription of Real Simple! Click HERE for Real Simple!

CLICK HERE to log in to your Kraft First Taste to receive a coupon good for one FREE package of OSCAR MAYER Turkey Bacon (up to a $4.00 value).

Mail in 5 plastic bags to “Terracycle, 121 New York Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08638″ and get $1 back to spend on a reusable shopping bag (check your Target ad for the special mailing label).

And finally use the Walgreen’s in-ad coupon to receive $1.00 refills on your printer ink cartridges! This way you can print more coupons! (not sure how earthy that is, because you just will print more waste more paper and so on and so on. Hey it saves some green at least if not the "earth" LOL!

All joking aside, respect for where we live and breathe is an excellent idea and way of life. Not only is it good for the enviroment, but also for your wallet. Saving what you have and reusing it for another purpose is idea that is not so new. Your grandparents probably saved and reused way more than any of us do now. I know my grandparents did. They lived through the depression, when even little things were hard to come by. So they saved what they had, took care of what the had and then they did not have to spend money they did not have to buy new stuff.

Canning they own food, growing their own food, saving the string to use for another purpose. Saving a container that something came in to use for another purpose. Re-sewing clothes and reusing again. All of these same things can save your green and keep you green. Many environmental "experts" would agree that throwing out something that you have in your home that is perfectly usable and replacing it with a new item that is so called "green" does not make "green" sense. It does not also make any "wallet" sense or cents in this case either.

Use what you have, reuse what you have, and then if it can't be fixed and has to be replaced then go greener. I am all for saving some green and trying to be green but the two have to equal out in my check book before it makes sense to me.

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