Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rare but true: Borax Coupons!

I was just checking out Money Saving Maine-iac's site and low and behold she has found a coupon for BORAX! This my saving friends is a rare find, I don't know when I have ever seen one of these before.

The coupon is $.35/1 and you can print it twice. CLICK HERE for the coupon. This coupon comes in real handy when you make your own laundry soap like I do, because Borax is one of the key ingredients!

Teresa (Money Saving Maine-iac) Also uses the same laundry soap recipe as I do. You can CLICK HERE to see mine. If you have not tried home made laundry soap you should. Mom's know that we do WAY TOO MUCH laundry! Saving your Green is easy when you make your own soap. I used to buy a humongous jug of laundry soap about every two weeks costing me about $14.00 each time. Now I buy about $7 worth of supplies and I have laundry soap for 6 months. That is about 87 cents per batch, or 3 cents per load. That is cheap. That is saving your green!

Recently I should also mention that I saw the Duggers using a similar laundry soap recipe from the TV show "19 Kids and Counting". Imagine how much laundry they have, that would be a laundry nightmare for me!

Seriously you should make your own laundry soap it is so easy, if you can make Macaroni and Cheese you can make this and it saves so much!

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