Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CSN Crock Pot Review!

Recently I told you about my golden opportunity to review something from CSN Stores.com. They have everything you could ever want or need there, from coffee tables to coffee pots.

I had a hard time choosing what item I should review because I am in need of a couple kitchen basics now that we moved. My Grandmother does not use her kitchen anymore and gave me everything in it. But surprisingly there were a couple of things that I use regularly that were not in her kitchen.

It is possible that those basic items have been liberated by another one of her children or grand children already and I am just the last one here. It is also possible that just because I feel it is a necessity in my kitchen does not mean EVERYONE does and Granny never had it in the first place. Either way I need a crock pot, bread maker, griddle, large non stick deep skillet with a lid and I need a new coffee pot also! (Ours is starting to have a mind of its own, and can’t keep time anymore.)

Since the weather is starting to change and on Thursday fall will officially be here, I decided to choose one of my favorite items in the kitchen, the crock pot! I chose the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Qt. Slow Cooker. Why did I choose this one? Well sadly first of all it is shiny and I like pretty things! LOL Honestly it is a nice it is a good looking crock pot with stainless steel on the outside and black on the inside.

Secondly the crock pot is large enough for my family, 6 quarts is perfect! Then it has the settings that I am used to using with my last crock pot; warm, low, and high.

But then the extras are the fun things that I want to tell you about this crock pot. Besides being excited about its shininess I was oddly excited when I opened the box and found a few more new and neat features that my old crock pot did not have.

This crock pot came with its own spoon! Even though you can use any old spoon this one is not anything special but it does fit right on top of the handle for a nifty little spoon holder for the crock pot built right in!

And then, there is MORE! LOL I know I am so silly to get excited over a crock pot but come on this is nifty and I will use the heck out of this thing! Anyhow, my next overly excited find with this new crock pot is the locking mechanism on the sides of my new shiny crock pot. They lock tight like the old canning jars. This is where the “Stay or Go” portion of its name comes into play I am sure, because I can lock down tight the lid to my meatballs and put it in my car and not have to be worried or concerned that the lid slips off and I get meatball sauce all over the car on the way to the pot luck.

Also besides being good looking with the stainless steel front, there is also a little do dad that holds some handy little labels that also came with the crock pot so people at the pot luck can clearly see that my famous meatballs are inside! That is cute!

I know overly amused I am, oh well. Finally the lid and the removable insert of my new fantastic crock pot are dishwasher safe…Yeah! Love that, and also the lid has this super cool rubber gasket on it so I know that my food will have a nice seal while it is cooking and won’t dry out.

So I have a pot of beans going right now, and just like my old crock pot the kitchen is filled with some wondrous aromas that I love! I will cook a few items in my crock pot to give you my final review on it.

My son was excited when the UPS gal pulled up in the yard. He said “Mom your new pot is here; your new pot is here!” Then after we opened it up, he played in the cardboard box it came in all afternoon! So hey maybe getting excited over little things runs a bit in the family, but we have fun!

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