Thursday, January 27, 2011

Necklace Necessities Review

I was excited to get my package from Necklace Necessities and then when I opened the box and saw how SUPER CUTE the packaging was I was even more excited.

I love bags and this looks like a cute little polka dot bag. So cute! Well, even though you may be impressed about the package, you still need to know what is inside! You get three necklace extenders. One is silver, one gold and one pearl. This is perfect because you can use these extenders for just about any necklace. Packed nicely in this sweet little package also is a 12 piece trial pack of the Necessities Secure Strips.

The silver and gold extenders are easy to put on your necklace and then they both adjust. So no matter what the outfit my necklace is resting in the perfect spot! I like this because I can make one necklace work with many different outfits. What an awesome way to save some green!

The pearl extender is the perfect size to make your set of pearls just a wee bit longer and match almost any set. No one will notice the extender and now you only need one pearl necklace not two!

Are they good quality? I have super sensitive skin, and I was concerned that one of these may break me out, but I wore them each for several days and no concerns! I even slept with the silver one and showered with it, good stuff!

The Necessities Secure Strips are great too. You just use them to affix your necklace back where it goes on the back of your neck. Then it stays that way, and the clasp never makes its way to the front of your neckline! I would use these for special occasions, or an interview maybe keeping you looking perfect and well together at all times.

I also LOVE that the necklace extenders made my necklace the perfect size to just slip over my head. I didn't have to get my hubby to help me with a tricky clasp, and I saved some serious time by not having to fiddle with those tiny clasps in the morning. I just attached the extenders and then my necklace slips right over my head and I am off! My grandmother really LOVED this because she has several necklaces she cannot wear anymore because it is just too difficult to get the clasp attached. With the necklace extenders already attached she can wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants!

I would recommend these I found them very useful, and they make perfect gifts! Necklace Necessities generously provided me with a Necklace Necessities ensemble and a 30-piece package of the Secure Strips to review. 

They also offer on their website other products like a cool spray called Necessities Skin Guard that you can brush on your jewelry and it keeps you from breaking out! I love that idea. I have had to be extremely careful of my jewelry and sometimes you just want to wear some fun stuff without turning green or breaking out! I like that idea so I am planning on ordering some.

If you would like to order any right now you can get a sweet deal 10% off by using the code: SavingYourGreen
CLICK HERE to check out their site and the extenders!

If you order right now they have a January special, which gets you a FREE pack of Necessities Secure Strips with every order of the Necklace Necessities ensemble!

This is a perfect gift for grandma and she does not know it but this might be her Christmas gift next year! Good thing Granny doesn't go online! I even like the idea of having one package of these on hand for that surprise gift you need in a pinch! A gift like this would make anyone think you had it all planned out.

I know you will enjoy them as much as I did.

CLICK HERE to check out their Facebook page, hop over and tell them that SavingYourGreen sent you!

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