Saturday, February 5, 2011

Am I THAT frugal?

I was talking to my family at the dinner table and I mentioned that I had a hair appointment to get my hair done the following day. My oldest son looked at me quizzical and asked why I was getting my hair done at a salon and not doing it myself. This is a valid question because I get my hair done at the beauty salon about once a year if that. I think this time I waited about a year and a half. This does not mean that I go without a haircut, or looking fantabulously beautiful. It just means I am so frugally creative that I have figured out how to do most of my hair cuts on my own. I also trim, my mothers, fathers, both sons, and my hubby’s hair too! Snip, snip, snip!

But once or twice a year I go to get it done by a pro, and to pick up some more new tips on snipping my own locks. Digression, he has a valid point and I tell him that I just want to be pampered. He said that he had a dream the night before about me and it was weird. He wants to go to Maine to visit his cousin over spring break which is weird in itself, but he said in the dream I was trying to get him a cheap deal on the flight. This sounds more like me but this is where the dream gets weird. He said I gave him some cardboard wings to put on his arms and got this guy to sling shot him from here in Colorado to his cousins in Maine and all he had to do was flap once he got airborne! Scary! My son thinks I am soo cheap that I will send him plummeting to his death! Oh big Mom guilt…I better buy him something frivolous and quick! Hmmn, I think I saw something on sale the other day, and I do have that coupon…

(the top pic is of my little red haired child...OK so it is Crazy Hair Day at School...The bottom pic is me showing off my beauty or maybe I am showing off my talent of making glasses out of wax covered strings that were in the kids meal... I can make anything work!

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  1. Let's put a positive spin on that dream. He doesn't see you as frugal, he sees you as resourceful!! You gave him wings to fly!! I like that interpretation better :)


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