Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Doctor Oz show on Monday Feb 7th will be loaded with Freebies, but only to the first quick few! Not to mention a bunch of great information that could save your life!

And if you click on the links below at 3 pm EST, you might have a chance at one of these freebies. I would pick just two to go for...and good luck they will go fast (like in seconds!)

Dr. Oz--Free Memory Foam Pillow ( first 200 on Feb 7 at 3pm ET

CLICK HERE to find the times to watch the Dr. Oz Show in your area.

I have a Magic Bullet Blender and it is awesome, it makes perfect smoothies right in the cup saves me time and less I have to wash. My Valentines present is a Kindle so excited for that to arrive. So that being said I am going for shoes and the pillow, maybe the Nook because of the higher amount being given away. Hmmmn I doubt I get anything, but *fingers crossed!

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